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A user-friendly timing company providing meet management solutions for all ages. Whether you are looking to host a cross country race, road race, or a track and field meet we can help you with your meet management needs regardless of size.


Upcoming Events

Park Invitational

10/03/2020 - 9AM

Host: Wheeling Park HS
Location: Wheeling, WV

Big 10 Championships

10/14/2020 - 4:30PM

Host: Grafton HS
Location: Flemington, WV

WI MS - Last Call


Host: Washington Irving MS
Location: Clarskburg, WV

Results: Boys | Girls

Results: Boys | Girls

Region I-AAA

10/22/2020 - 4PM

Host: Wheeling Park HS
Location: Wheeling, WV

Let's Get Physical 5K

Nov. 1-30, 2020

Host: Wheeling Univ. DPT Club
Location: Anywhere

Pioneer Time Trials

11/20-21/2020 - 5PM

Host: Glenville St. College 
Location: Glenville, WV

Results: Boys | Girls

Image of 3 K&J Timing officials at the Bridgeport Invitational.

Providing meet management solutions for all ages

K&J Timing offers a mix of services to support your meet management needs.  With a combination of 100-years of track, cross country, and meet management experience, let our team help you host your next event.


Want to know more about our services or have a question? Let our friendly team assist you by filling out the form below. Be as detailed as possible so we can assist you quickly!

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